February 15, 2024

DLR50™: The Fastest Out-of-State Titling Solution for Dealerships

DALLAS, February 15, 2024 – DLRdmv, the fastest-growing eTitling provider in the country, announced today that its revolutionary titling platform, DLR50, is now available to dealers in all 50 States. Initially released in 2021 exclusively for Florida and Georgia Dealerships, the product currently serves as the OOS title and registration provider for over 1,500 dealerships in 18 states. DLR50™ is a cutting-edge 50-state titling solution that integrates with over 20 Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and significantly reduces the turnaround time required to obtain title and registration from any State. The product produces fee calculations and documentation needed in seconds and, in many states, can facilitate the entire title and registration issuance in under five days.

“We are excited to launch DLR50™, the best 50-state solution for dealerships nationwide. We built DLR50™ to address the pain points that our dealers faced when dealing with out-of-state titling and registration. We wanted to create a solution to make their lives easier and their customers happier. That’s why we are proud to offer DLR50™, an online platform that delivers fast and accurate title and registration for any state in record time,” said Johnson Berry, CEO of DLRdmv.

“DLR50™ is the culmination of years of R&D, testing, and support. We have worked closely with our DMS partners to integrate their systems into DLR50™, making the sales process smoother and easier for dealers, especially at the F&I office,” said David Donaldson, Senior Vice President of DLR50™. “Unlike any other product on the market, the software connects dealers to a curated network of agencies throughout the country. The result is faster title and registration turnaround times. We’ve aimed to create a comprehensive solution, offering process enhancements for every user involved in the dealership’s titling process. We are confident that DLR50™ will help dealerships save time, money, and effort by bringing the DMV into the dealership.”

How DLR50™ Works

DLR50™ is a comprehensive 50-state titling solution that simplifies and streamlines the car-buying experience for everyone. With DLR50™, dealerships can:

  • Transfer data from their DMS to DLR50™ with ease
  • Calculate all title, registration, and tax fees for any state and vehicle type with accuracy
  • Generate all the required forms and checklists at the point of sale
  • Access to a network of experts to process titles and registrations quickly
  • Track deal returns, archive receipts, and provide proof of delivery
  • Use dashboards and reports to monitor every deal, measure every department, and ensure compliance

How to Get DLR50™

DLR50™ is now available to dealerships in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. To learn more about DLR50™ and request a demo, visit www.DLR50.com.

About DLRdmv

DLRdmv is a company that revolutionizes the title and registration process for the automotive industry. Our innovative and customer-centric products serve over 2,500 franchise dealerships across the USA. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the car-buying experience for everyone. We live by our DealersFirst™ pledge, which is a commitment to prioritize the needs of our dealers in everything we do. Customer service goes beyond one department at DLRdmv.

From product design to customer service and everything in between, the first question is always, “How can we help?” To learn more about DLRdmv and our products, visit www.dlrdmv.com.