May 10, 2023

Leading eTitling software solutions provider expands services to Wisconsin, offering advanced features for streamlined vehicle title and registration processes.

MILWAUKEE, May 10, 2023 — DLRdmv, the fastest-growing eTitling provider in the country, announces the expansion of its electronic titling and 50-state solutions into the State of Wisconsin. Building on brand successes in Minnesota, Georgia, and Florida, DLRdmv is bringing its cutting-edge electronic titling platform, along with its innovative DLR50 technology, to Wisconsin. The award-winning company will be offering advanced features to modernize and digitize the vehicle title and registration process for automotive dealerships across the Badger State.

“We have a pretty simple philosophy, really,” says DLRdmv CEO Johnson Berry, “We constantly listen to what our customers want and then we ask our talented and dedicated teams to build and deliver it. So far that proven approach is what has made us the leading provider in every state we operate in, and we look forward to offering that level of commitment to dealers in Wisconsin.”

DLRdmv’s eTitling platform offers advanced features that set it apart from traditional methods of title and registration processing. Dealers can electronically submit deals to the state of Wisconsin, eliminating the need for cumbersome mailing practices and reducing turnaround time. Additionally, both the eTitling and DLR50 products are designed to seamlessly integrate with dealers’ existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS), providing a streamlined workflow for dealerships to manage their titling and registration needs.

“We understand the unique needs of dealerships in Wisconsin, and our team of industry veterans and local account representatives are dedicated to providing top-notch service,” says Gaye Smith, State Director for DLRdmv in Wisconsin. “Our mantra of DealersFirst™ means taking into account what’s best for our clients when making any decision and we’re confident that mindset will guide us where we need to be.”

DLRdmv’s eTitling platforms are used by over 2,000 franchised dealerships and have gained widespread recognition and exclusive endorsements from both the Florida Automobile Dealers Association and the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association.

As DLRdmv expands into Wisconsin, dealerships and customers can expect a seamless and efficient eTitling experience. The integrated DLR50 product adds a robust solution for Wisconsin dealers to use when selling vehicles out-of-state. As a package, DLRdmv’s comprehensive platform is ready to revolutionize the eTitling landscape in Wisconsin.

For more information about DLRdmv and its eTitling services, including the DLR50 interstate titling product, Contact sales@dlrdmv.com or visit DLRdmv.com.