Our market-leading technology brings the DMV into the dealership. Customers get a plate when they buy a vehicle and no one visits the DMV!


Our solutions are specifically designed to remove friction from the title and registration process at every turn. We give dealers and buyers what they want, a process that is lightning fast, penny perfect, and fully compliant.

Trusted By 1,000's of Dealers Including


Christie Hammer
Title Specialist Manager | Arlington Toyota

This System is a Dealership’s Dream Come True

“I have worked with CVR as well as the old and the new Title Tec since I first started in the business back in 1993.  We have 9 Finance manager’s and each and every one of them is absolutely blown away with how easy and user friendly the DLRdmv system is.  I highly recommend DLRdmv to anyone trying to decide if they want to switch or not.”

Ted Smith
President of FADA

The Association Prides Itself on Recommending the Best Products & Solutions

“The Association prides itself on recommending the best products and solutions available to our dealers, and from the moment DLRdmv came on the scene, it became very evident that their services were a full order of magnitude better than anything else in the market today.”

David Macklin
F&I Manager | Braman Motorcars

DLRdmv is the Best Company Out There

“DLRdmv is the best company out there, I’ve worked with lots of dealers that use different vendors and you guys by far are the best in the business. You make it efficient and the support is always amazing.”

Mercedes-Benz of Palm Beach

I Actually Like Calling in for Help

“You guys are amazing and take care everything very quickly… You guys are great and pleasant and I actually like calling in for help.”

Jaime Lemke
Title Clerk | Metropolitan Ford

DLRdmv Has the Nicest and Best Customer Support

“Whenever I need help on a deal, DLRdmv’s customer support line is always there.  Most other customer support lines are slow to respond, aren’t that knowledgeable, and aren’t very friendly, but DLRdmv is different.  They have the nicest and best customer support team on Earth and answer my calls within seconds of ringing.  They’ve even taught me a few title-work things and I have been doing titling in dealerships for years!”

Kristy Beaucage
General Manager | South St Paul Quick-serv License Center

DLRdmv Has Been Great to Work With

“DLRdmv has been great to work with.  Our staff here at Deputy 035, as well as our dealer partners, have had a very positive experience with the system, the training, the process and the support we receive from DLRdmv.  We look forward to our continued relationship and encourage many other DMVs and dealers to look into the EVTR process.”

Ryan Martin
CFO | Regal Nissan

Make the Switch to DLRdmv

“I feel that DLRdmv is significant savings in time and money over the system that we were using previously. I would tell dealers,  if they wanted to save time and money and wanted to switch painlessly and effortlessly, then make the switch to DLRdmv.”

Gwen Foster
Tag and Title | Conyers Nissan (AMSI)

My DLRdmv Account Manager is Awesome

“My DLRdmv account manager is awesome! He is hands-on, he’s available, he makes sure that I’m comfortable with the system.  I can contact him by phone or email and to me that’s great, because I wasn’t getting that kind of support and it means a lot.”

Paul Kemme
Finance Manager | Hendrick Automotive

The Response Time is Almost Immediate

“When we call the hotline, the response time is almost immediate.  With our last vendor the response time could be 20-25 minutes. . . at least! When you’re in that moment with your customer, you need that quick response time.”

DMS Partners