DLRdmv News

FADA endorses DLRdmv
Now Florida’s Preferred eTitling Provider

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DLRdmv News

GADA endorses DLRdmv
Now Georgia’s Preferred eTitling Provider

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Safe & Secure eTitling Solutions that Dealers
Don’t Hate


Real-time Tags & Registrations

Connecting Dealers to the DMV

Metal Plates
Temp Tags
Business Intelligence Solutions


Precision Fee Quotes

Accurate fees at Point-of-Sale

Eliminates Costly Refund Checks
Maximizes F&I Gross Opportunities
Proprietary AccuFee™ Technology


Laser Deal Packs

Saving Time, Optimizing Workflows

Auto Populated Deal Forms
Lightning F&I Printing
Streamlines Titling Process


Features that remove the pain from Dealer Titling

Lightning F&I Processing
Real-Time DMS Integration
Intuitive Interface
eTitle Management System

Our only competition is friction in the titling process.
We hate it, and set out to build innovative applications that eliminate that friction Every. Single. Day.

™ Customer Service

DealersFirst™ is a commitment to prioritize the needs of our Dealers in EVERYTHING we do. Industry-leading service is not a goal, it is a way of life at DLRdmv.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our Account Team provides more than simple support, they are experienced eTitling experts that create solutions for all of your Titling needs.  Sleep easy knowing your Account Manager is always there when you need them.

On-Site Training

Beginning your first day with us, we are in-store to provide your staff with a comprehensive understanding of all of our applications. From Seamless Installs to Ongoing Training, we ensure a smooth onboarding process.

24/7 Customer Service

With our around-the-clock Customer Support, we are always there for our Dealerships.   Tech Support to Titling Expertise, our Team is always there to provide solutions for our Clients.  All Dealers.  All the time.  The Dealer’s DMV.

(855) 334-3325